The most common question that we are asked is “Why use a travel agent?” For us, the reasons are simple:
   · Exceptional Buying Power
   · Exclusive Industry Offers
   · Exquisite Customer Service
   · Expert Location Protection
  Many people have expressed that they call the cruise lines directly to book their travel. However, they are likely booking through an in-house travel agency. Our parent company is the largest cruise booking agency  and as such, we have access to tens of thousands of rooms on cruise ships that are not available to the general public. Because these are pre-purchased, they are often incentivized on top of additional offers from the cruise lines. Additionally, we price watch vacations for our clients so that they can have confidence that they are receiving the best prices and offers out there. A call placed to a call center will not do that for you. We are interested in earning your business not just for your first vacation but for a lifetime. Your opinion matters to us. That’s why we offer an exclusive TRAVEL PERKS referral program that offers discounts off of future travel for customers that you refer that book travel with our agency. To book your next cruise, land vacation, anniversary, group, honeymoon or business travel, please contact us for immediate attention and complimentary price quotes.

Clover Shearey

Clover is an international travel agent. A Florida native who has lived in various locations throughout the state, her love for travel brought her into the industry early in her career working for Florida Express, Piedmont Airlines and Funway Holidays as well as various hotel appointments. Her passion for travel propelled her further into the travel industry. With a love for cultures and global communities, her enthusiasm is evident as she shares her passion with others.

Recognizing that vacations are precious, she believes in maximizing her client’s time and providing them their own Dream Vacation every single time with her travel agency. Whether it’s a group, family, couple or individual, every Dream Vacation is customized to suit the client’s interests and wishes. “We customize travel journeys specifically to our client’s needs – whether it's accommodations, extra amenities, special services or excursions,” said Clover. When her three boys were young, Clover traveled extensively with them. From big cities like New York, Boston and Chicago to foreign cultures in Europe, she created exceptional memories that fueled their own passion for travel as adults. “I know what it is like to be a working mother and that’s also why we enjoyed cruising with our family. It gives parents a much needed vacation as well by offering something for everyone.” While Clover has cruised more than twenty-five times on some of our partners like: Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines to the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Northeastern United States, Princess Cruise Lines to Alaska, Windstar Cruises to Panama and Costa Rica and Celebrity Cruises to Bermuda and the Pacific Northwest, she also enjoys the diversity that land travel offers. Some of her most memorable exotic trips were to New Zealand, Africa, French Polynesia, Hawaii and Iceland.

“My husband and I celebrated our 40th birthdays in French Polynesia…the water and the snorkeling was extraordinary. Even the air itself was exotic and perfumed with frangipani and vanilla.” Her most exotic vacation was to Africa. “We went cage diving with the great white sharks in Gansbaai, overlooked the top of Victoria Falls, went on a photographic water safari in Botswana and saw the Big Five in Krueger National Park. In a word, it was magical.” She is currently looking forward to returning to Europe on a spring river cruise on AMA Waterways as well as returning to Greece for a girls trip – part II. For assistance with your next Dream Vacation – whether it is a weekend getaway, cruise, honeymoon, anniversary, or group vacation, give her the opportunity to find you an incredible deal on your next travel experience.
Clover can be reached at or 727-281-8103

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Steven has over 25 of years of travel industry experience. Hailing from the airline and hotel industry, he brings an insightful perspective to our travel agency with his hands on knowledge. Steven coordinates the details of destination travel to Uberworld Travel clients and advises on vacation expectations, transportation, and excursions. Located on the west coast of United States in the beautiful state of California, Steven assists in providing our clients the attention to detail their vacations deserve.

Steven can be reached at  727-281-8103

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